We gather weekly in a large group setting for worship, inspiration, and teaching.  Our weekly service at 10:15am serves this purpose.  We strive to make this an inviting atmosphere, where physical conditions don’t interfere with your ability to connect spiritually.  We dress casually to express that we don’t want to be different on Sunday than we are on other days of the week.  Our faith is for Monday through Saturday as well.

We also have coffee available to take to your seat.  Sometimes the best heart to heart talks happen over a cup.  Perhaps the cup of coffee will put you at ease, so that you and God can connect.

We have several outlets to get involved in a small group, and are planning for more.  Right now there are Life Classes for all ages at 9:00am on Sunday mornings.  We also have a Women’s Group & Men’s Group that meets on Wednesday evenings.  Our youth are involved in small groups during their Wednesday time.  Our children have individual graded classes during the 10:15am Sunday service.

Throughout the year, we host several community events, including Fall Fest, Thanksgiving Lunch, Easter Egg Hunt, Christmas Programs, Summer Camps for Children and Youth, Men’s and Women’s Retreats, along with other opportunities that arise.

We have sent teams to Talsi, Latvia the past few years to do work with the Talsi Christian School.  We also support this ministry financially.  We support the Mercy Manor maternity home, and the House of Disciples in Longview, TX.  We do several local and community short-term projects to keep us involved in our area.